chatGPT should provide References or Bibliography

ChatGPT may be very good at answering several questions and even good at chatting on textual topics but when chats/answers are provided from chatGPT, it needs to give references too. References are essential first, on the count that the answer or the reply is based on certain knowledge and this knowledge needs to be mentioned. The knowledge from which a sentence is inferred or framed or reframed needs to be given as a source of the answer. There are reasons for this, that is there are in short three reasons to provide the reference source:

  1. To make the users aware that the basics for the answer are based on some text already on the internet.
  2. To improve the answers, as human readers can go back and always check and see if some correction is needed in the algorithm.
  3. And if required an update in algorithm can be performed on the basis of reference and the output provided.

These reasons are good enough to understand that the reference section should be added in chapGPT. It should not be present in chat but at end of the chat or on the column at the rightmost side of the chat engine. There are the following points to take into account:

  1. One must know that this is a chat engine, but we can’t run away from source checking, as it is not treated as just a chat engine for fun, but a serious information retrieval and question-answering engine with a high level of deep learning models.
  2. Reference provides more information at hands
  3. It would help us evaluate how the machine took the information out in open, there can be nodes and we can track the search path that was taken by the algorithm
  4. This can help in more transparency in question answering in this particular case
  5. This can also help in building more models
  6. Hence, this can help in building more clarity, more scientific models, and more problem solving in real life
  7. This can help us in what chatGPT cant do good at right now, such as mathematical problem solving

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