Smart Animal Care with AI and IOT

Animal care can be enhanced with help of IOT and AI based smart animal care. The pets and animals to care for can be kept with care under smart animal care. Proposed smart animal care can be implemented in both rural and urban regions of a place. The breadth of the proposed model is diverse,Continue reading “Smart Animal Care with AI and IOT”

CNN based Iris Data Analysis — Review First Deep Learning Code

If you are new to AI or deep learning, here is your first CNN, or for now deep learning code. Q. Why IRIS data? A. As everyone is familiar with Iris data by now, so why not start with IRIS data. Too basic for CNN for sure, but too easy it would be then toContinue reading “CNN based Iris Data Analysis — Review First Deep Learning Code”

Automated Rules in Fuzzy Expert System by Apriori Algorithm; Rules generation in Python

The Fuzzy expert system is an expert system, that works like an expert in a particular field of work, helps solves problem specific to that field, this can be anything in domain of expert systems, so defined. Typically, expert systems are made with help of the experts in a particular field, since a machine needsContinue reading “Automated Rules in Fuzzy Expert System by Apriori Algorithm; Rules generation in Python”

Artificial Intelligence in Education

AI in Education is opening its avenues and wings of AI are flying high over the entire education sector from primary to high schools, graduate and more levels. Right now, even ICT based education is not fully used to grassroot levels, yet its significance can’t be ruled out. However, Internet and communication technologies are notContinue reading “Artificial Intelligence in Education”

Handling Missing Values in Data in Python

Handling missing value in data is crucial. Questions arise how to deal with it, given a empty, Null, or large positive and large negative value are not easy to handle. How to use these values then, how to process the data after that. Some people deal with missing values by removing the rows or tuplesContinue reading “Handling Missing Values in Data in Python”

Now is time of AI based Sound Embeddings

Yes sound is where Artificial Intelligence needs to get in more deeper, given there are powerful language models, advanced image and text embeddings. Getting to have embeddings of sound is the next level of success, as per my suggestions. This is the latest in getting an AI based new name to a new born baby,Continue reading “Now is time of AI based Sound Embeddings”

Fuzzy Logic Based based Text Summarization with Python Code

Let me illustrate this Python Project in depth once again. AI: Sentiment Analysis and Fuzzy Sets based Summarization Technique — — Research based Approach (sample explanation with Python) Here, in this article I am proposing a novel technique to summarize text documents. Well I am not writing a research paper for it but giving youContinue reading “Fuzzy Logic Based based Text Summarization with Python Code”

Shortest Path in Text Data, AI-Exercise from Research Perspective

Here is next article, which is written from research perspective. The aim of article is to form a base to cover shortest path problems in Textual Data. Graph based algorithms have a huge potential to be used in Natural Language Processing and in many Graph based problems. In this article I introduce you how, howContinue reading “Shortest Path in Text Data, AI-Exercise from Research Perspective”

SVD on Text Embedding- AI Exercise

#AI-Exercise In this article you would find points to solve a exercise in AI in which further reduction of dimension shall be validated. The aim of this Exercise is to study text data in lower dimensions with text data represented in word embeddings. Compute the SVD of the matrix to analyze the impacts of usingContinue reading “SVD on Text Embedding- AI Exercise”

Latest OpenAI Automated Art Images from given Text (Reference DAAL-E)

When Artificial Intelligence (AI) makes art (Reference DAAL-E), here is how it looks now in latest release. These art Images made with Artificial Intelligence ( DAAL-E2). Why focus on art, as I myself draw and I love art myself. Note: These images are produced by DAAL-E2 Here it is – I asked DAAL-E to drawContinue reading “Latest OpenAI Automated Art Images from given Text (Reference DAAL-E)”