The Good AI and the Bad AI — Part I

Here is a description of what constitutes a Good AI and what forms part of the Bad AI. There has been tremendous progress in AI, irrespective of the fact that it is a good AI or it is a potentially harmful AI. Let us discuss what is in good AI and what is in badContinue reading “The Good AI and the Bad AI — Part I”

Are the AI leaders pessimist or optimists about AI Future

#AI Note: The article in original is on authors website The current AI leaders of top companies running AI seem to be pessimistic about AI development. AI is like a baby in youth now, it would do mistakes, for sure, the concern is the tolerance and the mother-like warmth it needs to grow intoContinue reading “Are the AI leaders pessimist or optimists about AI Future”

Would Elon Musk call back its AI powered cars too?

They say AI is going at a high rate, stop it for 6 months. Yes, speed is an issue, but it can be for good. Why don’t release products after testing, why stopping it for 6 months? Elon Musk among experts urging a halt to AI training — BBC News. Elon Musk is among thoseContinue reading “Would Elon Musk call back its AI powered cars too?”

BLOOM: Language Model — Research Paper Review

Key Important Points are given here of the biggest open-source Language Model till now- BLOOM 1) A 176B-Parameter Open-Access Multilingual Language Model. 2) Aim is public release of Large Language Model 3) Pretrained models are popular since they provide better results from small labelled data. 4) No prior LLM was publicly released making BLOOM theContinue reading “BLOOM: Language Model — Research Paper Review”

AI based Scrum Master

Its been a while AI made news in paintings, arts, text generation. Its time AI makes news in product management. Yes AI based product management, these wont be just limited to software based product management, but we can start it from scrum master. Here, AI shall work with scrum master, and learn how the scrumContinue reading “AI based Scrum Master”

Professional and Personal Robotic Twin

Note: The original article is present on authors research profile here, “ “ In the era when AI techniques are evolving and changing very fast, here in this paper is proposed a professional robotic twin. Every person can have one or more robotic twins as per his needs. The one at the office canContinue reading “Professional and Personal Robotic Twin”

Doctor with a Robot by his side! The Future.

Note: At present the software and algorithms cannot help doctors much unless confirmed by doctors themself, such as in some surgeries where doctors nod that they can help. Otherwise will just confuse the doctors and patients. This is a future mission and the way mankind should work on. Please do not rely on AI asContinue reading “Doctor with a Robot by his side! The Future.”

360 degree Test for Intelligence for Machines

Note: This article appears in full text on researchgate at following link in original: (PDF) 360 degree Test for Intelligence for Machines ( [ Turing Test, is one of the most famous test to declare intelligence of a machine. Turning test had several variations and characterizations to study. The most popular version of Turning test involveContinue reading “360 degree Test for Intelligence for Machines”

Soft Rough Sets based Summarization Models — Part 2 (Approximate Learning)

Note: This same article appears in my account as well In the last article we discussed, on how Soft Sets, a tool for uncertainity handling can be used for summarization of text data. We emphasized the role of WordCloud in this as well. In previous article, Soft set was defined as: Definition 1: [Molodtsov 1999]Continue reading “Soft Rough Sets based Summarization Models — Part 2 (Approximate Learning)”

Smart Animal Care with AI and IOT

Note: This same article appears in my account as well Animal care can be enhanced with help of IOT and AI based smart animal care. The pets and animals to care for can be kept with care under smart animal care. Proposed smart animal care can be implemented in both rural and urban regionsContinue reading “Smart Animal Care with AI and IOT”