The Good AI and the Bad AI — Part I

Here is a description of what constitutes a Good AI and what forms part of the Bad AI. There has been tremendous progress in AI, irrespective of the fact that it is a good AI or it is a potentially harmful AI. Let us discuss what is in good AI and what is in badContinue reading “The Good AI and the Bad AI — Part I”

Causal Reasoning and LLM Paper Review

The following paper is discussed in this article. Causal Reasoning and Large Language Models: Opening a New Frontier for Causality. Kıcıman and Ness et al. (2023) Paper Review Causality — The automatic detection relationship between cause and effect. For illustration, consider two concepts that are discussed in some text, say medical text. Let the conceptsContinue reading “Causal Reasoning and LLM Paper Review”

Shortest Path in Text Data, AI-Exercise from Research Perspective

Here is next article, which is written from research perspective. The aim of article is to form a base to cover shortest path problems in Textual Data. Graph based algorithms have a huge potential to be used in Natural Language Processing and in many Graph based problems. In this article I introduce you how, howContinue reading “Shortest Path in Text Data, AI-Exercise from Research Perspective”

Is AI a threat as some feel ! It is a boon!

It was an odd article I read today, that AI shall hack human brains. Well what will hack human brains is the devises to measure the MRI signals and brain activity and these DONOT USE AI. THESE ARE MECHANICAL DEVISES NOT AI DEVISES. One must understand AI first, then human brains and then humans. UnderstandContinue reading “Is AI a threat as some feel ! It is a boon!”