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2-class Image Recognition Task using Backpropagation, Regularized Neural Networks, Logistic Regression and Naive Bayes-Code, Results and Analysis for given Implementation

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Evolutionary Algorithms based optimization and convergence

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Pre-processing and Post-processing Filtering Systems for Language Models with help of Sentiment Analysis

Artificial Intelligence – Genetic Structure of Virus, Location, Other Parameters and Predict the Spike Graph of Spread of Virus and Its Severity

The Infinite Classification Task -The Universal Classifier

Sound and other Non Conventional Features for NLP, AI and Machine Leaning

Is AI a threat as some feel ! It is a boon!

AI Simulation Fields for making AI enabled Self-Driving Cars — Learn with Deep Learning. Vision for Future.

Are basic Electric Car- NOT Enough or Enough? #Climate change.

AI based sensors for Forest Fires detection and AI based systems for Stopping the Spread.