Professional and Personal Robotic Twin

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In the era when AI techniques are evolving and changing very fast, here in this paper is proposed a professional robotic twin. Every person can have one or more robotic twins as per his needs. The one at the office can be a professional twin and the one in the home can be the personal twin. The aim is to assist humans in this fast-changing world, where newer technologies are developed at the brink of eye blinks. Further, with the growth of the internet humans should not feel overloaded with the burden of data, given human brain has the capacity to absorb. This robotic twin shall help humans then. The personal twin shall take care of personal front, this includes hobbies and other leisure activities assistance, guidance, and learning. While the professional twin shall assist in the workplace not only to complete projects but to inform of the latest news and areas the human should look into.

1. Introduction

This article introduces two key terms, professional robotic twin and personal robotic twin. Here it means that a person can have two real robots, or just two real bots or even simple each person can have two profiles on robotic twin provider. Let us enumerate it more clearly. Each registered user can opt for one or more of the following:

a. Robotic twins

This means that a user can have real robots. These robots can help in various works. The first robot can assist in the office, where its main workload is to be based. This robot can attend to calls when in absence of the owner and even attend meetings with the owner and at times all on its own. Given the majority of tasks of a professional is based on Data Analysis, Natural Language Processing, Image Processing and so on, these works can be cooperated well by a robot. For senior levels, robots can assist well, and for those at lower levels, robots can help in coding, analytics, and presentations, by scanning in detail and comprehending the charts.

b. Bots-based twins

The two bots can be used in place of robots, these can be small bots capable to work on a wifi network. Focus on its owner’s professional and personal needs. These can speak out with voice assistants like reading loud and speech recognition techniques to take voice-based commands. These bots can hover over your screen to read and learn and later suggest many important aspects.

c. Two accounts of robotic twin

These can be two software, one for a person’s twin in the profession and the other can be a person’s twin in personal life. Both these can be installed in the same gadget, be it a mobile or tablet, or laptop. Or these can be installed on separate devices as per convenience and requirements.

This is no more a science fiction, with GPT and chatGPT already out, Dall-E 2 already making news, AI is here to enter mans world now.

2. Scope

The scope is not limited to one bot or one personal and one professional twin. These can be as many as a human needs. These need to be in sync with human and hence need to be trained with human in his personal and professional lives. The twin should be able to read, listen and understand what the human owner says. It shall not be just like the AI chatbots, just answering questions when asked. It if it finds necessary can comment on its own asking prior permissions. All this to say these would be feedback based AI algorithms embedded in softwares of bots, and devises. That is they are inbuilt in the machines. And they heavily use reinforcement learning. They will give their opinion by reading it from AI chatbots and learn all essential information needed. It would work like personal assistants all time.

In the same way is personal assistant, which shall be by the humans side at his non professional times, be it office lunch time, gym time or home tv time. These assistants can’t take in inheritance the information of someone else, as this will grow with time with humans and everyone wants a personal space which is unique to them. These bots can read in the professional books that it has to master for professional work and in personal front can read in the social media and other personal accounts to understand the human well.

While professional twins can take in inheritance the informations trained by some subject matter experts, if they feel it would be helpful for their works. These experts can be the one who sat on this professional and hierarchy chair before them, or may be some expert professional kit available in market which is trained for a profession. Otherwise, self training can take time, but would for sure add unique values to the software and hardware as well.

3. Conclusion and Future Work

Personal human digital twins are not there in market as of now. But with the speed in which algorithms are working, the professional and personal twins can be a matter of few years away from making landfall in market.

However, this as a technology will have its own impacts and has its own positive and negative consequences. These need to be studied before starting the work on this. I am myself working on it and shall provide detailed work outs on it once its ready.

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