AI based Scrum Master

Its been a while AI made news in paintings, arts, text generation. Its time AI makes news in product management. Yes AI based product management, these wont be just limited to software based product management, but we can start it from scrum master. Here, AI shall work with scrum master, and learn how the scrum master schedules work, perform actions and executes duties. Lets us focus on scrum master automation using AI. It would be a nice tool to cheer up the teams and shall chat well with the team members without any bias, if it works well. Yes, the term is “if it works well” and better than plain automation.

The role of a scrum master is more than just daily scrum meeting, it is handling the entire sprint and handling inter disciplinary teams, at times. Some times works just jumps up from nowhere and needs to be adjusted on jira. So, wait where does jira camein here. Jira is one such tool to automate, document and command the scrum meetings, tasks all over a sprint cycle.

Automation is one thing decision making is another and AI based guidance and monitoring is what we are talking of here. Automation of lot tedious work and documenting the tasks are done with help of tools such as Jira. But here, its about how to manage it all. Lets take an example of a scrum meeting. How to automate all this intelligently.

Lets start with scrum meeting management with AI. The AI automation toolkit shall see the time is 11 am, its will send messages to all members of the development, testing and product management teams. The AI toolkit shall expect an answer in return. This would be a text reply. AI, will note the sentiment regarding the scrum meeting for this day. Not just who all are coming, but also the sentiments would be noted by it.

Then, in the scrum meeting room, the AI bot shall ask about the points from each member, and the voice to text conversions can be done, but, why not keep it simple, as a text reply as AI bot wont miss any slip of tongue. These messages would be read alod by AI bot with the name, Jira would be checked and updated there only. This is a brief of exercise that shall take place. More details can be worked out, the basics have been laid here.

The sprint will go on like this, till some time AI bots can work with human supervision. This would lower the stress level on the scrum masters. For sure AI is not there to replace the job of scrum master, but to ease it. This can make a scrum master to look into multiple products as they have an assistant – The AI Bot. This AI Bot will track everything about all the products going on in the division of a particular unit.

The same can be applied to any other project management not necessarily software development. The AI bots can make your life easier. It just needs to be trained, specialized and guided to help the managers. More on this coming soon..

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