Smart Animal Care with AI and IOT

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Animal care can be enhanced with help of IOT and AI based smart animal care. The pets and animals to care for can be kept with care under smart animal care. Proposed smart animal care can be implemented in both rural and urban regions of a place. The breadth of the proposed model is diverse, it depends on the kind of animal care units, mixed animal or specified animal care. Further, this can be for many days or one-time training for young animals. Animals too feel, hence the aim is to make it humane, clean, and basic, to start with, given the fact animals can’t speak but can recognise sounds of people, and especially animals recognise the sounds of their owners or keepers. Another thing animals react to is sound. Here comes the role of automated sound-based learning for animals, with help of IOT and Smart animal care. Not just masters sound, animal may preferably love birds sounds too, in case of an injured animal, this may speed up the recovery. As animals need to be treated well.

The animals are taught by humans, to the best by understanding the sounds at least, emotions, and voices. Now it’s time for semi-supervised learning for bots to train pets in owners absence. Recognising an animal in the region, where smart animal care system is installed, noticing the animal, pet, or herd, can be instructed with sound from their masters, automatically with help of AI. And IOT-based bots can assist the animals with food, water, or another purpose synchronously. Further apart from sound-based assistance to smart animal care, there is smell-based assistance with help of AI and IOT bots. Animals are known to smell a thing and react as to smell, these learnings have a long way to go in smart animal care. For example, certain foods for cats have specific smell. All this as animals look best when free.

Some animals are not pet animals who can use the smart animal care in their sheds, given IOT based techniques can help them train to be comfortable in shed, for example, and they may no longer need to be tied to ropes. In the case of sheds, all animals are of the same type mostly. Smart animal care can guide them with sounds for food, water, and other purposes. Apart from that, the environment shall be warm for shed animals then, maintaining the temperatures, moistures in the areas is but a background task of smart animal sheds.

Most importantly, smart animal care can use transfer learning. This means one doesn’t need to train cows if one has trained horses and the same holds for cats too, but the knowledge can be transferred, adjusted and fine-tuned. Some adjustments are to be made but that is not all. And in a group of animals trained and cared with a smart animal care, wont find it difficult to join another animal care, just the systems should be smart enough to adjust to such changes.

The place where animals are, is a center where animals are kept to train for some hours a day or for days in succession. This place can have a personalized/shared IOT based care. Here the animals can be detected and recognised with a image processing or via a smart watch like gadget, that is it.

This required having wifi to understand and send to and fro results. There may be times when Efficient Smart Animal Care respond to live events occurring in the animal care units. This shall also handle a spontaneous need-based alarm.

No this does not mean animals will speak or write or use laptop. Just they would be able to tell their happiness, problems to the bots who may guide them well. Maybe humans shall help them in this learning journey. Some of these bots shall be at home to care pets in absence. And when the person comes home, then the bots can be switched off as the fluffy cat loves hugs more than chatting with bots about where to drink milk form.

Beginning with this you can imagine what animal care would be like in 20–40 years from now. It would be humanly, nice, caring, clean to mention a few points.

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