Sentiment Analysis with Python- SentiWordNet

Here is a code for sentiment analysis explained with sentiwordnet. The code is here for determining the sentiment analysis of a sentence.

I have used this on the climate dataset with me. And found the most positive sentiment-oriented documents and most negatively oriented documents, also the most lengthy documents too.

Here is a simple code of sentiment analysis using sentiWordNet.

Initialization as follows:

Now, use the sentiwordnet package and find sentiments.

This returns the positive and negative scores of the sentence.

The output is as follows:

The full code is here:

import nltk
from nltk.corpus import wordnet as wn
from nltk.corpus import sentiwordnet as swn'sentiwordnet')'wordnet')

sentence='The painting is beautiful and serene.'

tokenSentence = nltk.word_tokenize(sentence)
posTagSentence = nltk.pos_tag(tokenSentence)

sentimentPositive = 0.0
sentimentNegatve = 0.0
sentenceCount = 0

for wordTagPair in posTagSentence:

word = wordTagPair[0]
posTag = wordTagPair[1]
print(word, posTag)

if posTag.startswith('J'):
posTag = wn.ADJ
elif posTag.startswith('R'):
posTag = wn.ADV
elif posTag.startswith('N'):
posTag = wn.NOUN

wordSynst = wn.synsets(word, pos=posTag)
if not wordSynst:
chosenSynst = wordSynst[0]
sentiWordNet = swn.senti_synset(
sentimentPositive += sentiWordNet.pos_score()
sentimentNegatve += sentiWordNet.neg_score()
sentenceCount += 1

print('The positive and negative sentiments of given sentence are: ')
print (sentimentPositive, sentimentNegatve)

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