Would Elon Musk call back its AI powered cars too?

They say AI is going at a high rate, stop it for 6 months. Yes, speed is an issue, but it can be for good. Why don’t release products after testing, why stopping it for 6 months? Elon Musk among experts urging a halt to AI training — BBC News. Elon Musk is among thoseContinue reading “Would Elon Musk call back its AI powered cars too?”

BLOOM: Language Model — Research Paper Review

Key Important Points are given here of the biggest open-source Language Model till now- BLOOM 1) A 176B-Parameter Open-Access Multilingual Language Model. 2) Aim is public release of Large Language Model 3) Pretrained models are popular since they provide better results from small labelled data. 4) No prior LLM was publicly released making BLOOM theContinue reading “BLOOM: Language Model — Research Paper Review”

chatGPT should provide References or Bibliography

ChatGPT may be very good at answering several questions and even good at chatting on textual topics but when chats/answers are provided from chatGPT, it needs to give references too. References are essential first, on the count that the answer or the reply is based on certain knowledge and this knowledge needs to be mentioned.Continue reading “chatGPT should provide References or Bibliography”

1-3 Information Retrieval Paper Reviews- Key Points

Sentiment-oriented information retrieval (Bisio et al) (2016) A new fuzzy logic based ranking function for efficient information retrieval system (Gupta et al) (2015) An enhanced multi-view fuzzy information retrieval model based on linguistics (Attia et al) (2014) References

Sentiment-Oriented Retrieval on Climate Textual Data

#AI, #ArtificialIntelligence #NLP Sentiment oriented Retrieval/ Opinionated Retrievals In this article we apply the skills of sentiment analysis on the climate corpus we collected sometime back. Question: Why do we need to do this? Answer: Once we get documents and text fragments with high positive sentiment and high negative sentiment scores, we get a kindContinue reading “Sentiment-Oriented Retrieval on Climate Textual Data”

Sentiment Analysis with SentiWordNet- Part II

#AI, #ArtificialIntelligence #NLP This article is an application of sentiwordnet lexical database. In last article I provided with the code to access the sentiment, here are some more details on sentiwordnet with examples. Sentiwordnet is a nice database for looking up to sentiment of a word given its POS tag. So you can look upContinue reading “Sentiment Analysis with SentiWordNet- Part II”

Sentiment Analysis with Python- SentiWordNet

Here is a code for sentiment analysis explained with sentiwordnet. The code is here for determining the sentiment analysis of a sentence. I have used this on the climate dataset with me. And found the most positive sentiment-oriented documents and most negatively oriented documents, also the most lengthy documents too. Here is a simple codeContinue reading “Sentiment Analysis with Python- SentiWordNet”

Fuzzy Inference Engine-based Information Retrieval in Python- Research Exercise

#AI In this article, a research-based approach to solving information retrieval of Climate Documents is provided. Several places suggestions are provided for what can be done to improve the work. This is an AI Exercise and can be enhanced to be a full project with minor-major changes and workouts. This has been explained in python.Continue reading “Fuzzy Inference Engine-based Information Retrieval in Python- Research Exercise”

AI based Scrum Master

Its been a while AI made news in paintings, arts, text generation. Its time AI makes news in product management. Yes AI based product management, these wont be just limited to software based product management, but we can start it from scrum master. Here, AI shall work with scrum master, and learn how the scrumContinue reading “AI based Scrum Master”

Professional and Personal Robotic Twin

Note: The original article is present on authors research profile here, “ https://www.researchgate.net/publication/368337127_Professional_and_Personal_Robotic_Twin “ In the era when AI techniques are evolving and changing very fast, here in this paper is proposed a professional robotic twin. Every person can have one or more robotic twins as per his needs. The one at the office canContinue reading “Professional and Personal Robotic Twin”