Now is time of AI based Sound Embeddings

Yes sound is where Artificial Intelligence needs to get in more deeper, given there are powerful language models, advanced image and text embeddings. Getting to have embeddings of sound is the next level of success, as per my suggestions.

This is the latest in getting an AI based new name to a new born baby, art, doll and even movie character. The next level of Artificial Intelligence is in mature embeddings of Sounds. Why as sounds have energy, text, frequency, and meaning. If we connect all four of these it would be a combination to think about. Let us understand languages from point of view of energy and sounds.

We have done enough research on image and text embeddings. Now, to some extent AI is making lyrics, well and good. But we need robust embeddings that can help in

  1. Making new names,
  2. Studying energy embeddings from Universe, to talk to universe as it may not understand English, but like sounds.
  3. Giving meaning to old scripts which are broken in parts by combining current embeddings with this.
  4. Further, sound as a concept of energy could be studied not just to make new lyrics, but as the energy carried, making new guitar lyrics which has personal energies.
  5. One can understand from it the making of civilization and development of cultures of mankind by studying the energy and meanings both.
  6. Some errors in sounds can be rectified when connected with the energy.
  7. Sound waves can be classified as positive, neutral or negative, based on the frequency and matching it with sounds of positive meanings.
  8. Sentiment analysis of Sounds.
  9. Words with same written values shall generate same sounds, and these leads to which meaning shall be assigned to words then? Right this is an area of interest of future works as well.
  10. Learning from sounds of birds and animal natural processes, example coming of an earth quake and volcano
  11. Leaning from sounds in bee hives and other insects and animals to know about their needs and intelligence.

Hence it is time, given image and text based systems have matured so well. Yes AI, is used to make automatic lyrics, and sounds as well, but do we have such robust AI embeddings that cover all ten points and more, written above.

Published by Nidhika

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