Sentiment-Oriented Retrieval on Climate Textual Data

#AI, #ArtificialIntelligence #NLP Sentiment oriented Retrieval/ Opinionated Retrievals In this article we apply the skills of sentiment analysis on the climate corpus we collected sometime back. Question: Why do we need to do this? Answer: Once we get documents and text fragments with high positive sentiment and high negative sentiment scores, we get a kindContinue reading “Sentiment-Oriented Retrieval on Climate Textual Data”

Information Retrieval with tf-idf #climate_data

Here in this short article, we analyze Information Retrieval of documents using tf-idf technique. Though this technique is not that popular, but it for sure in parts is backbone of many algorithms. Now, with deep learning this technique has been sidelined, but, none the less, it is the key session of Information Retrieval research. TheContinue reading “Information Retrieval with tf-idf #climate_data”

Sentiment Analysis of Climate Text Data – Lesson 4

In this article, we shall see how climate text data collected and computed for analysis in previous articles can be analyzed for sentiment analysis. The toolkit used today for text sentiment analysis is TextBlob. There are several other ways to compute sentiments. But the steps shall be the same though the libraries can change. Lets usContinue reading “Sentiment Analysis of Climate Text Data – Lesson 4”

Climate Data- NLP-based Textual Analysis- Part 2

The dataset taken had 66 files and with total number of words being 97099. We know this dataset is small, given the topic is so important, but with our resources and web crawling of important websites, this much was collected. This can be taken as a nice sample over the big data available on web.Continue reading “Climate Data- NLP-based Textual Analysis- Part 2”

User Specific Word Vectors-Customized on Climate Data

Here in this article, two ways are presented to self-train word vectors. This is highly useful if you do not wish to use word vectors trained on Wikipedia or twitter or so datasets. You can load your data file and make your own model, this model can be saved for future work. This has theContinue reading “User Specific Word Vectors-Customized on Climate Data”

AI & IOT for Biodiversity Preservations and Sustainability

Note: This same article appears in my account as well Biodiversity is one big term for ecosystems, the diverse species, and their genetic variations of kinds known and unknown. This article explains AI-based techniques which can save biodiversity loss and sustain biodiverse ecosystems and environments. We can primarily classify ecosystems of three kinds thatContinue reading “AI & IOT for Biodiversity Preservations and Sustainability”

Decision Trees and Futuristic Applications

​​​​​Nidhika Yadav Abstract: Decision Trees (DT) are a familiar and important tool in AI applications. One must understand, that the use of DT extends much beyond its current scope. Hence futuristic applications are proposed in article. That is to say, the AI toolkit can be used in a variety of applications. The current article explainsContinue reading “Decision Trees and Futuristic Applications”

Artificial Intelligence and Flower Blooming Early – Effect of Ecosystem. Analysis and Solutions!

Spring are associated with warmth and water is required for flowers to bloom. As per Wikipedia (Spring (season) – Wikipedia) spring relates to flowering of many kinds of plants, animal life change, smell of soil that has reached the temperature for flourishing of microflora. Plants flowering a month before, means the heat of Sun orContinue reading “Artificial Intelligence and Flower Blooming Early – Effect of Ecosystem. Analysis and Solutions!”

Let NATURE BE NATURAL , Let Earth BE MORE Natural !

Earth has is been though a lot with and without humans since its creation and existence. Be it acid rains that marked a start to all the major processes or be it the ice age! It has gone through several turmoil’s and still retain self equilibrium of the essential atmospheric, seismical, polar, geographical, biological processes,Continue reading “Let NATURE BE NATURAL , Let Earth BE MORE Natural !”

AI based sensors for Forest Fires detection and AI based systems for Stopping the Spread

These days people are talking of colonization of Mars and Moon. Wait! Hold On! Earth needs lot of innovations in AI ! Don’t just jump in to make solutions for Mars and Moon where you don’t even know the oxygen needed by human would be available in enough quantities. There is lack of oxygen inContinue reading “AI based sensors for Forest Fires detection and AI based systems for Stopping the Spread”